About Us


We are a team of Hospitality advisors who are working Pan India for the leasing of commercial properties as well as leasing of Banquet brands, Restaurants, Multiplexes & nationalized & Pvt. Banks on fixed rentals & revenue sharing basis. These brands are particularly used for the immediate thrust/push for a commercial building in terms of visibility, shopping scenarios, footfall with the prospective buyers.

The financials usually depends on the clients requirement but obviously this arrangement can be modified & changed as per either side requirements. We have some of the renowned restaurants brands listed with us who are in expansion mode for their business. In continuation to restaurants we have some Banquet brands that are looking out for the space in Gurgaon for their expansion. Now a days Delhi & NCR is a commercial hub for all the M.N.Cs, midsized companies, different manufactures, OEMs, Distributors.